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Areas of Concentration

Chicago Employment Lawyer

Areas of Concentration

Since 1993, this boutique law firm has concentrated its practice in the following areas of employment law:

General client counseling on difficult work place issues: Even if the client has no facts to support a claim, or the client’s facts are too weak to allege a claim, s/he may benefit on counseling on how to attempt to resolve the issue.

Discrimination claims: The firm has negotiated and litigated countless claims involving clients who were subjected to a hostile environment, passed over for a promotion, terminated, or were otherwise subjected to less favorable terms and conditions because of discrimination. Several federal, state, and local laws prohibit discrimination based on protected categories such as age, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race,national origin, disability, and religion. Many employees fear they will be unable to prove discrimination, but direct evidence of discrimination is not required. The law allows employees to prove such claims through circumstantial evidence.

Sexual Harassment: The firm has negotiated and litigated numerous sexual harassment claims. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. Sexual harassment often occurs behind closed doors and victims fear they will not be able to prove that the harassment even occurred. However, the victim’s own testimony can provide strong evidence of the harassment and additional evidence may be obtained from other victims, or phone or email records.

Claims of retaliation for having reported or complained of illegal discrimination: The firm has negotiated and litigated many such cases. The federal, state and local laws that prohibit illegal discrimination also prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who report or complain about discrimination. Employees may prevail on a retaliation claim, even if the employee cannot prove the underlying discrimination claim.

Whistleblower claims: The firm has negotiated many such claims and has litigated several whistleblower claims, in which an employer has terminated an employee because s/he reported, threatened to report, or refused to participate in activities which affect or could affect the health, safety, or welfare of Illinois citizens. Reporting such activities is protected by statutes and by the common law (judicial decisions). Statutes of limitation apply.

Retaliatory discharge claims: The firm has negotiated and litigated claims of employees who were terminated after they suffered a workplace injury. It is against public policy to fire an employee because s/he might file or has filed a claim for worker’s compensation. A five year statute of limitation applies.

Family and Medical Leave Act claims: The firm has negotiated and litigated numerous claims involving employees who were demoted, passed over for a promotion, or terminated because they took FMLA leave. Such claims are often, but not always, filed in conjunction with disability discrimination claims.

Severance, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements: The firm has negotiated hundreds of such agreements, and when appropriate, the firm counsels clients on how to negotiate directly with their employers.

Claims for unpaid commissions, bonuses or overtime wages: The firm has negotiated and litigated such claims which arise under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, or employment or compensation agreements.

Wrongful Termination: The firm has represented and negotiated on behalf of employees who were terminated for an illegal reason.

Opposition to discrimination or sexual harassment: It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who opposes discrimination and/or sexual harassment of another employee or co-worker. The firm has handled such cases.

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