Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Chicago Employment Discrimination Lawyer

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids employers from making decisions such as hiring, promotion, demotion, termination, compensation, benefits, and job training based on the age of the applicant or employee if the employee is age 40 or older. The Illinois Human Rights Act and ordinances in Cook County and the City of Chicago also prohibit age discrimination.

If you believe you have been fired, demoted, passed over for a promotion, or otherwise mistreated because of your age, consult with an experienced employment attorney. The Law Offices of Fern Trevino has successfully handled numerous age discrimination claims.

Age Discrimination and the Legal Remedies That May Be Available To You

Remedies available under the ADEA include lost wages, front pay (pay to compensate you for lost future earnings that you would have earned had you not been discriminated against), reinstatement, attorney's fees, and court costs. If the employee can prove that the discrimination was willful, then the award may include double wage and benefit damages.

Employees have the burden of proving that age discrimination has occurred.  Age discrimination can be proven through:

  • Direct evidence, such as statements or documents showing age discrimination
  • Circumstantial evidence, such as evidence that younger, similarly-situated employees have been treated more favorably

The Law Offices of Fern Trevino exclusively represents Chicago-area executives and employees in age discrimination claims and other select areas of employment law.

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