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Helping With Severance Agreements

Employment Contract Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Severance and Separation Agreements

Since the Law Offices of Fern Trevino opened its doors almost 30 years ago, the firm has successfully negotiated hundreds of severance agreements for Chicagoland-area executives and employees. While the firm routinely negotiates such agreements on behalf of its clients, on occasion, the firm counsels clients on how to negotiate their own agreements, either at the client's request or because the firm believes it that it would be in the client's best interests not to involve an attorney in the negotiations. If your employer has offered you a severance agreement, or you believe that you may need to negotiate such an agreement in the near future, the firm welcomes you to schedule a confidential consultation.

Why should I involve a Chicago employment law attorney?

In a typical severance agreement, the employer will require the employee to waive all legal claims in exchange for severance pay and/or other benefits. More often than not, the employer also forbids the employee from disclosing the existence or terms of the agreement. By signing a waiver and release of claims, an employee may unknowingly relinquish important rights. An attorney experienced in dealing with severance and separation agreements should review the agreement, recommend changes to the agreement as appropriate and, if needed, negotiate with the employer to reach an agreement that is more favorable to the executive or employee.

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