Sexual Harassment Cases

Reporting Sexual Harassment

How a Chicago Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help

If you have been sexually harassed, seek legal counsel to discuss whether, when and how to report the harassment to your employer. The steps you take now may directly influence your ability to resolve your claim later.

Consulting a lawyer early on can bring you peace of mind and may increase your chances of a positive outcome. An experienced attorney can review your employer's sexual harassment and other employment policies, discuss the facts of your claim(s) with you to understand your concerns and goals, advise you on applicable federal, state and local laws, and assist you in evaluating the best course of action. Strict statutes of limitation apply to sexual harassment claims. Failing to timely file charges with an administrative agency may nullify any claim that you may have.

An experienced attorney can prepare you for the process of filing administrative charges. And further explain the differences between the various agencies that accept charges of discrimination and retaliation. Call us today. 

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