Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual Harassment by a Supervisor/Manager

Chicago Sexual Harassment Attorney

Experiencing sexual harassment at the hands of a supervisor, manager or other employee who is your superior can put you in an extremely difficult position. You may be concerned about being demoted or fired if you tell the harasser that his/her conduct is offensive and unwanted. You may fear retaliation if you report the harassment. Sexual harassment is actionable if it is severe and/or pervasive. Harassment can be physical or verbal. Some examples of sexual harassment include: sexual innuendos, lewd comments or jokes, watching or showing pornography in the workplace, asking questions about a coworker’s or a subordinate’s sexual life, unwelcome touching, sexual battery, and asking for sexual favors.

Legal Counsel for Supervisor Harassment Claims in Chicago

If your supervisor has sexually harassed you in any way, you may have a legal remedy under federal, state, or local law.

Before you resign or take other drastic measures, seek guidance from a Chicago attorney who concentrates in sexual harassment.

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