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Sexual Harassment Cases

Unwelcome Touching in the Workplace

Chicago Sexual Harassment Attorney

Unwelcome touching, such as groping, fondling, hugging, kissing, or brushing up against the victim are common examples of sexual harassment. The firm’s practice is limited to the representation of executives and employees in specific employment law matters, including those that involve unwanted touching and other forms of sexual harassment.

The firm will:

  • Identify any facts that may strengthen and/or weaken your claim
  • Explain what options are available to you
  •  Provide guidance on managing your situation at work and on how to protect your claim

Have you been the victim of unwelcome touching by a manager or a co-worker?

Sexual harassment often occurs behind closed doors. If confronted, the harasser may claim that the contact was unintentional or that the advances were invited. The Law Offices of Fern Trevino has represented Chicago area executives and employees on sexual harassment claims since 1993. We know that harassers often have a history of harassing others. We understand that some victims Through the years, the firm has litigated sexual harassment cases and has negotiated settlements for countless employees.

A large part of the firm’s practice involves:

  • Advising clients whether they have facts to support a claim - Many of our clients have no interest in litigating a claim, but they do want to negotiate a better severance. The firm’s approach will depend on the client’s goals and the strength or weakness of his/her claims.

  • Preparing clients for a termination meeting - Many employees fear they might be suddenly terminated. Having a definite plan of action on what to do or say and not do or say in advance of the termination meeting will ease anxiety, and help the employee focus and avoid pitfall
  • Providing behind the scenes counseling to clients who want to negotiate a better severance offer - The firm’s negotiating techniques may result in an increased severance offer, even if the client’s facts will not support a claim against the employer
  • Counseling employees on how to report improper activities to HR
  • How to respond to allegations of misconduct or poor performance
  • Assisting clients in writing a rebuttal to a write-up or poor performance review
  • How to address a difficult work situation with a co-worker or manager
  • Preparing clients for the intake process at an administrative agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights
  • Preparing clients for the litigation process
  • Counseling clients on what to do if you believe your employment rights have been violated

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