Sexual Harassment Cases

Verbal Harassment: Sexual Harassment at Work

Types of Verbal Harassment

Following are some examples of acts that may be considered verbal harassment:

  • Asking inappropriate and personal questions about your sex life or sexual orientation
  • Making comments about the way you look or dress
  • Telling jokes of a sexual nature
  • Making sexual innuendoes or other sexually suggestive remarks in your presence
  • Making threats if you do not perform sexual favors, accept a date, etc.

If you have experienced or witnessed any type of verbal sexual harassment at work, contact an experienced attorney to learn what remedies may be available to you.

Experienced help for harassment claims in Chicago, IL

It is not uncommon for victims to suffer physical harassment shortly following verbal harassment. Physical harassment may include unwanted touching, groping, or even sexual assault. The Law Offices of Fern Trevino has represented executives and employees in the Chicagoland area for more than25 years on claims of sexual harassment as well as other key areas of employment law, including wrongful termination and employer retaliation. Fern Trevino has been rated AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hubbell®, which means that she has earned the highest rating for ethics and legal ability. She has been selected as a Super Lawyer and a Top Lawyer. She has been listed as one of the top 50 women practicing law in Illinois. Law and Leading Attorneys rated her among the top three plaintiffs' employment lawyers.

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